You are at the right place, if pregnancy, the arrival of your child or children turned your world upside down, and not in a way you have expected.

Soul Design helps you to redesign your life and soul. To see what you have and can do right now.

Soul Design is for those who…

  • are ready to change their life, who doesn’t accept half solutions
  • are done to feel constantly frustrated as a mother
  • cannot accept that maternity is something just frustrating and that’s the way it should be
  • would like to enjoy themselves as a women and mother and life partner

Soul Design for couples is for those who….

  • what to have a balanced and nice family life, and they are ready to do something for it
  • feel that the conflicts with their partner are tense and present every day, and cannot find a way out of the circle
  • feel that their relationship is unable to cope with the changes that happened in their life

Soul Design Mediation is for those who….

  • are ready to face a certain problem, no matter what will happen afterwards
  • have a serious conflict that jeopardise their family life and happiness
  • are looking for real solutions
  • want instant solution and have no time for long analysation.



What is life coaching?

Life coaching focuses at the present. We search what can be done right now in order to achieve your goal. I help you to find and use your covert resources by asking the right questions. Our target is to help you to solve your problems and feel better.

What can you achieve?

  • redesign your life, your relationships and soul
  • leaving the things that pulled you back behind
  • discovering and possessing new tools in order to achieve your targets

If you are ready to change your life I help you though the way!

I secure, lead and control our sessions, making sure you get all the right tools you need on your way. I’m only satisfied with my work, if we’ve achieved your targets together.



Consulting fee 7 000 HUF/hour

(My hourly fee is the same at personal consulting, couple consulting and mediation)

  • Personal consulting
    We recommend weekly sessions, depending on the person’s need 3-5 session will be sufficient to solve the problem area

  • Couple consulting
    We recommend weekly sessions, in order to have enough time for both of you, you can expect, have 1,5 -2 hours meetings, depending on the couple’s need 3-5 session will be sufficient to solve the problem area

  • Mediation
    This type of session series include one-one hour preparing consultation with each of you, and a 2-3 hour long mediation session. You can expect at least 4 hour consultation

Online, skype consulting:  5000 HUF / hour

for individuals only

At home service: 1000 HUF

Is only available in the IV. , XIII., XV.  District of Budapest. In this area it is free if you have new born child, till your child is 6 weeks old.



  • Early bird discount: If you register your appointment in the first 5 days of each month, you have 50 % discount for the whole session series. (The discount cannot be united with other discounts.)
  • Open night discount: if you register your appointment on an open night you have 10 % discount for the whole session series. (The discount cannot be united with other discounts.)
  • Redesign discount: If you are a returned costumer of ours, you have 10 % discount for the whole session series. (The discount cannot be united with other discounts.)
  • Soul Design card: Every 6. occasion of the consulting is for free of charge. It is also possible to offer this free occasion for your partner or family member.


About myself

I’m a life coach and mediator. I live in Budapest with my family I have a two year old son. My mission is to secure that the children live in a loving and safe environment. This is only possible if the parents are happy, enjoy their parenthood, and are able to redesign their life as a family. That’s what I do. I help to redesign.

6+1 thing you might want to know about me

  1. I have a master degree at Social Policy at ELTE, 2010-2013 I worked as a project leader, and our project helped and developed social enterprises.
  2. I graduated as a life and business coach and mediator at the Life and Business Design Institute.
  3. Coaching helps me to be able to redesign my life, my thoughts, my soul every now and then when I feel necessary in order to cope with everyday challenges.
  4. At this moment I try to find a way to stay peaceful and get somehow trough the nights while my son is teething. Maybe I shouldn’t even stay peaceful? I’ve asked my coach, we are working on the matter;)
  5. For me is vital to constantly educate myself, and follow new thigs. Currently I’m interested at the Toyota system’s use in the field of life coaching.
  6. I would never stop exercising, physical education is key for me. I love Insanity, Turbo Fire. I’m addicted to the joy and endorphin at the end of the workouts.


How did I find coaching? There was a moments that rocked my word. I needed help I needed someone to ask the right questions, someone who listens and reflects on my thought. I needed someone who does not analyse but leads me to the right direction.

Costumers said about me:

„To Zsofi, I would even send my own child” Krisztina, life coach teacher

 „Even the first time was like we’ve known each other for years, I was able to talk freely” Katalin

„The coaching meant for me a free talk, where I could meet myself and my weaknesses, (fear, worries) It gave me a mirror, and I could see, that I’m insecure, and unable to make decisions. It made me realise, that only I can fix my problems, and I can find my answers in myself. I got weekly task, and they worked, after every consultation I felt better and better, and waited the next session. Thank you for the opportunity!” Júlia Schrauf

 „I’ve met with Zsófi as a college. While we worked together she helped me with counsel and humour. Since than we become friend, and I turn to her when I need advice related to work or personal life. I worship her as a women, mother and professional. ” Zsuzsa Ivánku